Welcome to the blog page of Adam Quirk! If you are studying Criminal Justice in college or you wish to pursue your studies in this field, this page is for you. In here you will find tips and advice on how to start a career in criminal justice or law enforcement, what to expect on your first foray into the field, further training that you can consider, and so much more. Feel free to ask Adam Quirk about the FBI and USIS, two agencies that he has extensive experiences with, as well as other questions about law enforcement in the country. You can rest assured that he will personally read and answer all questions accordingly, and maybe even write a full blog post about some of them as he deems necessary.

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For Adam Quirk, FBI special investigation agent, sharing what he knows about criminal justice in the US is his way of encouraging anyone who wishes to work in law enforcement to pursue their dreams. Criminal Justice is a complex and intricate system that covers a web of components all linked together to create one cohesive scheme. Different countries have different criminal justice systems. In the US, there is not one criminal justice system, as mentioned, but instead, there are individual, smaller systems and each one works according to state jurisdictions, as Adam Quirk mentions.

Some of the topics that will be covered here include the following:

  • Lie detection
  • Drug investigations
  • Conducting interviews
  • Interrogations of suspects, witnesses, and victims
  • Obtaining and executing search warrants
  • General tips and advice for Criminal Justice students

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If there is anything else you’d like for Adam Quirk, FBI special agent, to discuss here, please feel free to let him know! His goal is to help you gain a better understanding of the country’s criminal justice system in hopes of giving you the inspiration you’re looking for to start a career in law enforcement or any other field related to criminology or criminal justice.

He believes that when everyone works for a common goal, that of creating a safer place for everyone, especially children, we will have created a better world for future generations.

If you wish to learn more about Adam Quirk, his FBI work, his job with the U.S. Investigations Services (USIS) or his volunteer work, kindly visit his About page. To stay up-to-date with his latest posts, Adam invites you to bookmark this page.


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