Adam Quirk has over 15 years of experience in criminal justice, focusing on criminal investigations, security management, drug diversion investigations, and violent crimes investigations. He has always been interested in criminal justice, and through this site, he hopes to encourage others who also feel strongly about criminal justice to pursue their interest in fighting lawlessness in the streets and behind the scenes. If you need information about criminal justice, Adam Quirk, FBI Criminal Investigation agent, will be glad to answer some of your questions so please feel free to send them in!

If you are a student pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice, this site is for you! In here, Adam Quirk, FBI agent, will talk about his personal experiences working for various law enforcement agencies in the country as well as his experiences so far running his own private investigations firm.

This site is also Adam’s way of sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field of Criminal Justice. In a way, it’s one of his personal forms of giving back to the community. He hopes to hone young minds and help them achieve their dreams of becoming part of the country’s law enforcement bodies, whichever area or department they wish to specialize in.

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This site is still a work in progress, so kindly bear with him as he fine-tunes the pages here. To read his latest posts and updates, Adam Quirk invites you to bookmark this page. He looks forward to seeing you again here!



"Security Is Not A Product, But A Process"

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